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“This complete bespoke service, incorporates Hair, Make-up and Image design, Wardrobe Styling, Art Direction and Photo-shoot; from concept and design, to completion”

Introducing my sessions - Image and Personal Branding Stylist and Photographer

For the past 16 years, I have had the pleasure of working as a Creative (hair and make-up artist) in the Fashion, Media, Celebrity and Music Industries. Collaborating with top Talent, Creative Directors and working closely with iconic Photographers, I am artistically inspired!

My experience and artistic eye:

For well over a decade I have worked artistically on Photo shoots - I have a natural eye for composition, movement and style. With my love of cinematic style shots, use of ambient natural light, edgy raw, unaltered images, there was something more I yearned to do and share. I wanted to see a return to the real, the natural and move away from the commonly over ‘photoshopped’ pictures of people you see today, giving misrepresentation of their true unique form.

I’ve worked with Photographers who creatively shoot on film; I yearned to recreate this retro, cinematic style on digital, with an artistic eye.

All I needed was nature, my passion and experience and the Nikon Camera that my Father gave me for my 45th Birthday; the camera he had used “for fun” which he felt would be better gifted to me, to release my unrealised potential.


Our Image and Personal Branding Styling & Photography Sessions:

So I do it all, creating your profile, mood board, styling and hair and make-up, art direction and photography - Creating images for the promotion of your business, social media or personal use; any and every reason to have fabulous images of yourself! My style is organic and unique for every client, creating and documenting the real and aspirational you, from concept to completion. Creating a mood, a message.

Pricing, the whole package:

The sessions are run solely by me, therefore I am able to offer a very competitive fee for the ‘entire package’, including a digital upload of all of the finished images. Please contact me to discuss your bespoke session and fee.

My signature:

I love hands, eyes and natural angles the body creates, art in motion; I want to share this with the ordinary and extraordinary, real people and their beauty captured forever.

I really hope we can work together to create a unique and bespoke Imaging service, to meet your needs and aspirations.


07976 806099

Facebook: @lorrainemilliganimaging
Instagram: @lorrainemilliganmua_imaging

Lorraine Milligan

Fusion of talent:

Having had a former career in Professional Dance and Choreography, I appreciate the human form, the art of movement and expression in the body; I aim to capture this within my Art Direction.

For the real you:

With the skills and experience of making-up thousands of faces, I can see how someone who lacks confidence in their personal image, can be transformed to look the best version of their true character and self, sharing my passion of making people look and feel wonderful.


Before our photo shoot:

I like to get to know you and produce a photographic reflection of you. Together we will create a personal profile using your brand, personality, interests and alter ego. The profile will form the basis of my styling advice, choice of location, hair and make-up design and composition of the story I am going to capture.

Your personal brand image and story should represent the real you and your persona, so it is imperative for social media to have professional profile and marketing images, you are your own personal brand.

On the day of our photo shoot:

I provide an inspirational ‘mood board’ design, creative styling, hair and make-up, art directing, choreography and photography. The session will document the real ‘you’, no air brushing, the honesty is in my work.